Gracefully Bold Community

BOLDNESS; often mistaken for too upfront, loud, or outspoken.

God created us to be bold, speak bold, live bold, and we find that in his word. Channeling the boldness is the task we must master. I’ve always been a bold individual and have encountered many obstacles with boldness. Many times It came off as rudeness or being blunt. It was trial and lots of error. I endured a long season in my walk with God of thinking and believing something was wrong with me. I thought “Maybe I shouldn’t speak up, I should just keep quiet.” It wasn’t until I reached a place in my life where I reflected, accepted and mended. I chose to reflect on who I was and how I can better operate in my boldness, I accepted the changes necessary to acquire that goal, and mend relationships that had taken a turn. I allowed God to really dig deep, search my heart and renew a right spirit within me. When I took those steps, It freed me, opened my eyes and showed me that my boldness was in fact, a spiritual weapon. God has placed in my heart to create and build this community, Gracefully Bold. Where I will share testimonies, give advice, encouragement + provide tools on how to be bold in different areas of our lives. Join the movement. Together we can walk freely in the boldness we were crafted in.

Ephesians 6:19